U.S. Copyright Office Issues Inquiry Notice Regarding AI

The investigation is looking for feedback and information on how policymakers should handle AI that imitates or resembles human artists.

The United States Copyright Office published an announcement of investigation and invitation for comments on copyright and AI in the Federal Register on August 30.

Copyright difficulties have arisen as a result of recent developments in generative AI models like OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard, and the Copyright Office has filed a request for “factual information and views” on these matters.

According to a press statement from the U.S. Copyright Office that was sent out by the Library of Congress and obtained by report:

“Copyrighted works being used to train AI models, the right amount of transparency and disclosure regarding the use of copyrighted works, the legal standing of AI-generated outputs, and the right way to handle AI-generated outputs that mimic the characteristics of human artists are all examples of such issues.”

The deadline for submitting comments during the official inquiry period has been extended to Tuesday, October 18.

The request is being made while the artificial intelligence (AI) sector is experiencing regulatory upheaval in the United States and elsewhere. There is nothing in the way of legislation limiting the use of copyrighted content to train or trigger AI systems, even while the EU and other territories have adopted regulations to safeguard citizen privacy and regulate how firms may use, share, and sell data.

Cointelegraph has previously reported on the media industry’s struggle to adapt to the rise of AI systems that can mimic human creativity. The New York Times and other media organizations have taken measures to prevent web crawlers from using their content for artificial intelligence (AI) model training.

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