Robinhood now allows users to exchange Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Ethereum

“Custody, send, and receive support for Bitcoin and Dogecoin,” along with Ethereum exchanges, are among the new features coming to Robinhood’s cryptocurrency wallet.

According to a Robinhood representative, the new features were implemented due to customer demand. Available to users of Apple’s iOS operating system since March, Robinhood Wallet is a self-custody wallet that may store tokens from the Polygon and Ethereum networks, such as COMP, MATIC, SHIB, SOL, UNI, and the USDC stablecoin.

Although the wallet is not yet accessible on Android smartphones, support is slated to be live later this year.

Robinhood has added support for the Arbitrum and Optimism blockchains to its wallet since its first launch in March.

After reporting a decline in cryptocurrency income to $31 million from $38 million in the previous quarter, Robinhood has added support for Bitcoin and Dogecoin, two of the world’s most popular currencies by market size.

The Ethereum swaps feature is fully operational, but not all clients have access to it just yet, the business has informed.

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