Japanese video game publisher Act Games and the makers of Axie Infinity have announced a partnership

Sky Mavis, the company responsible for creating Axie Infinity, has teamed up with Act Games.

Sky Mavis, creator of the nonfungible tokens (NFT) game Axie Infinity, which features monster battles, has made a major statement. The firm has formed a strategic alliance with Act Games, a major gaming studio in South Korea, to bring many popular Japanese video game series on the Ronin blockchain.

Bringing the legendary Zoids series on the Ronin blockchain is the first major accomplishment of the partnership. The Zoids series debuted as plastic model figurines in 1983, originating from Tomy, the leading toy company in Japan. Its long-running, critically acclaimed anime series has won it a legion of devoted followers. Zoids Wild Arena, a future game, will hopefully do just that by bringing this popular universe to the blockchain gaming world.

Sky Mavis and Act Games are not stopping with Zoids; they want to introduce more popular properties to the blockchain gaming space as well. Two such cultural icons that have won over admirers all across the globe are Hello Kitty Aggretsuko and Bubble Bobble. The gaming community can anticipate new adventures with these classic brands thanks to these collaborations.

Sky Mavis’s CEO and co-founder, Trung Nguyen, has spoken out about his excitement about this momentous change, saying,

“Act Games succeeds in expanding renowned IPs, transcending demographics, and enhancing player engagement. Through this partnership, we will be able to combine our web3 know-how with nostalgic intellectual property that already has a dedicated fan audience.”

Zoids Wild Arena players who switch to the Ronin wallet will get a token drop and special Zoids NFTs as part of the partnership. This interesting incentive intends to entice gamers into the Ronin ecosystem while simultaneously encouraging the usage of blockchain technology in gaming.

Act Games, which has made a name for itself by successfully reviving well-known IPs, has grown rapidly in recent years. Since 2019, the company has released four arcade-style games, earning $6.4 million in revenue and racking up over 3 million downloads. This history highlights the promise of their partnership with Sky Mavis.

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