The Chief Technology Officer of Tether dispels speculations about a container imprinted with the words “Tether Energy”

The ‘Tether Energy’ labels were digitally applied to the shipping containers, but according to Paolo Ardoino, the initiative is “really happening.”

On August 24th, Tether’s Chief Technology Officer Paolo Ardoino shared a photo on Twitter showing massive shipping containers emblazoned with the Tether Energy logo. After the picture caused a storm of curiosity and rumors, Ardoino responded with his own post on X on August 26.

The first snapshot of Ardoino sparked rumors that the image had been altered, leading some to doubt the picture’s legitimacy.

Tether Energy has multiple Bitcoin mining sites that are “currently being finalized” and will shortly begin operations, as Ardoino indicated, and the original picture depicted one of those sites’ control rooms.

According to a Tether release from May 30th, the business is constructing a sustainable Bitcoin mining facility in Uruguay, so it’s plausible that Ardoino was referring to that country.

It was confirmed by Ardoino that the ‘Tether Energy’ logo on the containers was added afterward, through Photoshop, as had been widely suspected. Ardoino wrote the following to explain the company’s decision:

“The team decided to trademark the shot since they anticipated it being published in publications. Indeed, that is precisely what happened. Furthermore, from the physical privacy of the site perspective, having huge Tether logos shown would not be ideal.”

Ardoino made an effort to reassure users of X that the project was legitimate despite the logo’s altered state. Ardoino said as he uploaded a 3D model of the under-construction mining site.

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