The United States, Japan, and South Korea Gather for a Tripartite Crypto Meeting

North Korea’s cryptocurrency hacking operations were discussed at the key meeting between the three nations.

U.S., South Korean, and Japanese national security officials recently met in Seoul, South Korea, to examine North Korea’s illicit actions, such as its continued WMD development and cryptocurrency theft.

A number of national security advisors from the United States, the Republic of Korea, and Japan were present at the conference.

Officials reviewed a number of trilateral initiatives, such as the Commitment to Consult on regional crises, the sharing of data on ballistic missile defense, and collaborative efforts to stop the DPRK’s use of cryptocurrency to fund illegal WMD programs.

The three nations had already denounced North Korea’s rocket launch on November 21st, which orbited a spy satellite. The North Korean dictatorship is believed to be able to use the satellite, which is believed to have very basic capabilities, to target American forces stationed in Japan and South Korea.

The US Treasury Department’s OFAC has reportedly sanctioned a number of cryptocurrency mixers that North Korean hackers allegedly used to transfer stolen assets. Two cryptocurrency addresses associated with the Sinbad mixer were added to the sanctions list by OFAC. Authorities from other nations worked together to take Sinbad’s domain.

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