US Senators ask EPA to study the possible advantages of crypto mining

“Digital assets and the mining operations associated with them are crucial to the economic future of the United States “declared the fourteen legislators.

Fourteen senators and congressmen from the United States have signed a letter to the Environmental Protection Agency touting the advantages of cryptocurrency mining.

In an effort to strike a balance between innovation and environmental concerns, a number of U.S. lawmakers, including pro-Bitcoin Senator Cynthia Lummis and Representative Tom Emmer, sent a letter to EPA administrator Michael Regan on Thursday requesting an analysis of the potential impact of crypto mining. The group of fourteen senators and congressmen said that mining may have a “significant stabilising influence on energy networks” and provided examples of mining operations that use flared gas and renewable energy sources.

“Digital assets and the mining operations associated with them are crucial to the economic future of the United States, “said in the letter Favoring one technology over another, such as proof-of-work over proof-of-stake, might hinder innovation, degrade future economic advantages, and constrain associated efficiency.

All of the signatories of the letter were Republicans, including Senators Bill Hagerty, Kevin Cramer, and Steve Daines in addition to Lummis and Emmer. Patrick McHenry, Pete Sessions, Bill Posey, Bill Huizenga, Andy Barr, Anthony Gonzales, Brian Steil, William Timmons, and Ralph Norman likewise endorsed the message to EPA administrator Regan.

In April, a bipartisan group of 22 members sent a letter to the EPA, which contrasted with the Republicans’ appeal to Regan. They had “severe concerns” over crypto enterprises operating in the United States, asserting that the firms contributed to greenhouse gas emissions and did not comply with the Clean Air Act or the Clean Water Act.

The April letter to Reagan said, “Cryptocurrency mining poisons our communities.” “The fast-rising cryptocurrency business must be held responsible to ensure it works in a sustainable and equitable way in order to safeguard communities.”

In their May response to the April letter, the Bitcoin Mining Council said that many of the legislators’ assertions about mining were false. Numerous environmental organisations, including Greenpeace and the Sierra Club, subsequently asked government agencies under the Biden presidency to adopt new strategies in response to crypto mining.

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