Solana Spaces will cease its New York and Miami locations seven months after their launch

Norby said that the “experiment” was part of a strategy to enroll more people onto Solana; nevertheless, the shops did not attract as many users as they had intended.

Solana Spaces will shut its two Solana-themed, community-focused retail locations in New York City and Miami at the end of the month, after the stores did not attract as many customers as planned.

Solana Spaces tweeted the announcement on February 21, along with a statement from creator Vibhu Norby explaining the shop closures.

Norby, who created Solana Spaces in early 2022, noted that the business hit a “inflection point” with the storefronts, which prompted them to change their financial emphasis to “DRiP,” the company’s new nonfungible token artwork airdrop platform.

“Although our shops onboard between 500 and 1,000 individuals each week, DRiP onboards the same number EVERY DAY,” Norby explained the decision to alter the company’s investment emphasis.

Norby said that the decision to shut the stores in the Hudson Yards district of Manhattan and the Wynwood neighborhood of Miami was made “a few weeks ago” and that they would “sunset” at the end of February.

The ambitious project was rather short-lived, with the two shops opening in New York and Miami, respectively, in late July and August.

Norby said that the “experiment” was part of a larger strategy to include more individuals into the Solana and Web3 ecosystems.

From day one, the Solana Foundation’s endowed goal has been to experiment with innovative and disruptive approaches to attract people to Web3 and to serve the community.

“As I’ve always told people, as great as the shops were, if we could find a more effective method to attract people to Solana, we would focus on that,” he continued.

But, he has now concluded that the company’s efforts may be more fruitful in the digital domain with DRiP.

The Solana-themed boutiques let users to participate in a variety of activities, including wallet onboarding training, earning awards, purchasing products, and attending events.

The first Solana Space shop is situated in New York. Solana Spaces was the source of the information. When Solana Spaces launched its first shop in New York City in late July, Norby believed that the store would attract more than 100,000 customers each month.

Yet, Norby indicated in his letter that just 75,000 customers entered the business throughout its seven-month existence.

The firm was supported by the Solana Foundation, the Solana-based wallet service Phantom, and the local cryptocurrency exchange Orca, and while it failed, it seemed to have gained a large number of supporters.

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