The CTO of Composable Finance resigns, claiming “unethical management”

CTO announced his departure from Composable Finance while criticising the decentralized finance group on Twitter for lacking financial transparency.

Moreover, Composable Finance announced on Twitter the departure of the executive. Chief Technical Officer of Composable Finance, Karel Kubat, said that he is quitting the firm due to a lack of transparency and “strange activities.”

“I, Karel Kubat, am quitting from Composable Finance,” he stated, adding that neither he nor the community had received the company’s “financial accounts. I have no current overview of Composable Finance’s financial condition, nor does the community.

In another tweet, Kubat said, “Law enforcement is the responsibility of the government. Yet, as a decentralized society, basic unethical administration is sufficient for me to quit.”

In a Twitter message, Composable Finance announced Kubat’s resignation. The firm wrote, “We regret to inform you that Composable Finance has parted ways with our previous CTO.” Our staff is dedicated to answering these inquiries and resolving any issues that may arise as a result of this situation.

Kubat’s departure and charges come after months of instability in the world of cryptocurrencies, which has been rocked by many firm failures and allegations of financial impropriety and self-dealing.

In his writings about his resignation from Composable, Kubat voiced fear that the decentralized financial organisation may be involved in “potential trading with business money and questionable activities.”

Composable did not reply to calls for comment immediately. The corporation announced that it will host a Twitter-based question-and-answer session.

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