The SEC reportedly pressured Hinman to state clearly that ETH was not a security

According to the files, SEC official Hinman and others intended to meet with Vitalik Buterin before his 2018 address.

After a court ordered the materials to be disclosed, the SEC opened hundreds of papers, including emails and notes, as part of the continuing legal struggle between Ripple and the securities regulator.

On Tuesday, June 13th, the long-awaited papers connected to a lecture by former SEC Division Director William Hinman in June 2018 were made public.

The records detail the development of Hinman’s remarks, which clarified that the SEC did not consider ether security at the time.

Released records indicate discussions between current SEC staff and Hinman, including trading and markets division feedback.

“When asked about the terminology around ether would be used if we all agree. Later this week, we’ll also speak with [Vitalik] Buterin to verify our grasp of the Ethereum Foundation’s inner workings.”

The director of trading and markets, Brett Redfearn, emailed Hinman to say that his first comments on ETH and whether or not it was security were still “vague.” Redfearn advised Hinman to use “stronger” language.

An anonymous editor commented on the Google doc, “As we discussed, as written,” referring to the tone of this passage. Instead of asking whether digital assets should be regulated as securities, it’s more important to ask if they satisfy the legal definition of security.

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