BitBoy Crypto Was Referred to the FBI Following a Failed Court Appearance

A prominent crypto influencer is avoiding his court appearance in connection with an alleged harassment campaign he launched against an attorney representing FTX investors.

Ben “BitBoy” Armstrong, a YouTuber and influential member of the cryptocurrency community, has been referred to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for an investigation into his promotion of FTX.

Armstrong boasted about his decision to miss the Florida court session by uploading an online photo of himself on a beach with the caption “don’t give af.”

Adam Moskowitz, the plaintiff in the case, accused BitBoy of initiating a harassment campaign against him. He mocked Moskowitz in another tweet.

Moskowitz is an attorney for the plaintiffs in a lawsuit against multiple YouTubers who promoted the defunct cryptocurrency exchange FTX, including BitBoy. Kevin Paffrath, Brian Jung, Graham Stephan, Tom Nash, and Erika Kullberg were also named as suspects.

Earlier this month, Moskowitz contacted his local police and the FBI regarding BitBoy, claiming he felt “threatened” by what he or his followers might do to him.

According to multiple reports, Judge Melissa Damian was enraged over Armstrong’s absence. BitBoy may appear in court in May while attending the Miami Bitcoin conference, according to the influencer’s attorney, Jason Rindenau.

Damian responded that she would issue an arrest warrant for Armstrong if he did not appear by Monday. She also stated that she would report his behavior to the FBI and ordered him to cease communicating publicly about Moskowitz, which he has already disregarded.

BitBoy stated on Thursday, “It’s strange that people don’t realise I have real lawyers who know how to practise law, unlike the ambulance-chasing Adam Moskowitz.” “I’m not flying by the seat of my pants out here.”

BitBoy himself filed a defamation suit against fellow YouTuber Erling Mengshoel Jr (aka “Atozy”) last year but later withdrew the allegations in response to a massive backlash from the public.

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