North Korean hackers used innovative techniques to attack Israeli crypto

According to Israeli sources, North Korean hackers using “unfamiliar technologies” tried to steal money from an Israeli crypto business, apparently to support the country’s secret nuclear development.

According to Channel 12 News, the hackers posed as a Japanese supplier to the unidentified company and used “professional and sophisticated” methods to acquire access to cash.

Fortunately, the attempted robbery “struck off warning bells in Israel” and was stopped by a cybersecurity company.

If the hack had been successful, the stolen monies would have been utilized to further advance Pyongyang’s nuclear program, according to the cybersecurity business in question.

According to Channel 12, it is unclear if this allegation is verifiable or only an informed assumption based on the nation’s prior behaviour.

According to a UN study from the previous year, North Korea stole more than $300 million in cryptocurrency to fund its nuclear development.

Channel 12 said that the majority of the money was the result of two assaults in 2020: an $81 million raid on the Bangladesh Central Bank and a $60 million robbery from Taiwan’s Far Eastern International Bank.

And Pyongyang’s cybercriminals have even attacked Hollywood, purportedly hacking Sony Pictures in 2014 in retaliation for the mockery of Kim Jong Un in the film The Interview.

It is noteworthy that, despite the severe restrictions placed on North Korea and its weapons program, the nation continues to launch rockets, indicating that it does not lack cash or supplies.

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