Terra Luna creator Do Kwon appears live on Twitch’s UpOnlyTV

Do Kwon appeared on UpOnlyTV as FTT fell to $9 in a death spiral reminiscent of Terra Luna.

Do Kwon, the creator of Terra Luna has joined the UpOnlyTV program on Twitch amidst market chaos as FTT wanes below $9 and Binance announces a possible takeover of FTX.

Sam Bankman-Fried of FTX is now doing crisis management, and Do Kwon said, “It is not simple to execute successful crisis management.”

The hosts of the program discussed the different crypto ventures that failed in 2022. Do Kwon grinned and chuckled when Cobie suggested Terra Luna, to which he responded with a smile.

During the turmoil, Do Kwon was asked whether he had any recommendations for SBF. He responded, “I don’t believe I did it especially well… “I’m probably not the ideal person to ask for guidance.”

Regarding the ongoing troubles with FTX, Do Kwon noted, “There is no need for him to be in significant difficulty if CZ steps in and makes users whole.”

Do Kwon was questioned whether he thinks his personality and “bravado” led to Terra Luna’s demise. Do Kwon said that “many people believe that Terra was created in 2021,” although he began working on it in 2017.

He does not believe that what transpired at UST would have been different if he had behaved differently on Twitter. Do Kwon said that his behaviour on Twitter differs significantly from who he is in real life. He said, “I began shitposting when it got popular, but before I became a prominent character in the sphere.” He said that it was “fun” and that it had no effect on the fall of Terra Luna.

Do Kwon revealed that his family has been “very supportive” throughout the fall of Terra, but that they are not coping well with the collapse of Terra Luna.

FTX’s native token FTT reached $9, and a presenter screamed, “It would be incredible if it dropped to $0 while Do is streaming.”

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