Polygon (MATIC) Down for 11 hours

Yesterday and today, Polygon’s network was down for almost 11 hours. Here’s why.

From around 5:50 PM UTC on March 10th until approximately 4 AM UTC on March 11th, the Polygon Network was unavailable. All users’ cash remain secure, and the staff explained why the network was down for these 11 hours.

Polygon developers alerted customers yesterday of an impending probable network outage due to a planned network upgrade – the Heimdall node.

The Heimdall implementation is utilised in one of the network’s two tiers of proof-of-stake. At 5:50 PM UTC on March 10th, the team acknowledged the outage and provided more details. It’s worth emphasising that throughout the downtime, no user money were compromised.

While we are still investigating the precise reason, it seems to have begun with a previous version that included a patch for minot parameterization in the Ethereum to Polygon PoS state sync/bridging module.

Additionally, the company reported that there “may have been a fault” in the upgrade, affecting consensus and resulting in separate Heimdall validators being on different blockchain versions. This precluded them from achieving a two-thirds majority.

When Tenderming consensus is used, this condition will result in the Heimdall chain coming to a standstill.

Additionally, the developers confirmed that Heimdall is not utilised for user transactions but only for validator-related bridging and transactions.

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