Mike Tyson Is Intrigued by the Possibility of a Skyrocketing Solana Price

Following his announcement that he has gone all-in on Solana (SOL), famed boxer Mike Tyson is now asking his 5.7 million Twitter followers how high the token’s price may go.

Tyson, who became the world’s youngest heavyweight champion in 1986, also displayed his Catalina Whale non-fungible token, which he purchased on Solana-powered NFT marketplace Solsea.

Tyson later wondered if OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace, would add support for Solana. Earlier this week, he began promoting DREAM, The Dream Foundation’s cryptocurrency, emphasising the critical importance of improving mental health within the bitcoin community.

Tyson’s investing advise should be taken with a grain of salt. After all, he famously declared bankruptcy in 2003 due to his extravagant spending on mansions, private parties, and Bengal tigers.

Some Twitter users accused “Iron Mike,” who previously received $30 million for his notorious 1997 battle against Evander Holyfield, of pumping his SOL bags.

SOL is attempting to recover speed after surging over 17,500 percent in 2021, with the stock now selling at $148.74. The token has fallen 43% from its all-time high.

With being stated, JPMorgan has projected that Solana might challenge Ethereum’s supremacy in the decentralised financial industry. Bank of America said that despite its relatively low decentralisation, it may become the “VISA of crypto.”

Nonetheless, it faces competition from other so-called “Ethereum killers,” such Binance Smart Chain, Cardano, and Terra.

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