Nomad will reopen the bridge after a $190 million cyberattack in August

The Nomad bridge, which was abused for more than $190 million, is reopening and providing partial refunds.

Cross-chain connection protocol Nomad is preparing to relaunch and partly compensate people affected by its $190 million breach earlier this year.

In a Medium article, the team said, “Since the Nomad Token Bridge breach, the team has been hard at work recovering money and implementing the required improvements to properly relaunch the Nomad Token Bridge.”

To get refunds, Nomad has required impacted customers to undergo Know Your Customer (KYC) authentication through CoinList, a controlled exchange and launchpad platform. The Nomad team said that the KYC procedure was necessary to guarantee that all payments adhered to compliance standards.

This procedure of verification is currently active. Users will get a non-fungible token (NFT) that grants them access to a proportionate part of the recovered money on the Ethereum blockchain after the task has been accomplished. These non-transferable tokens will enable them to receive any extra recovered funds in the future.

On August 1, an estimated 300 crypto users accessed Nomad’s cross-chain bridge, a platform that enables the transfer of tokens between the Ethereum, Moonbeam, Evmos, and Avalanche blockchains. After a defective software upgrade by Nomad’s developers permitted anybody to withdraw cash from the platform, the event happened.

The entire amount of assets taken was $190 million, making this one of the greatest crypto breaches of 2022. More than $22 million of this sum was rescued and returned by ethical hackers. After months of inactivity, the crew plans to reopen the bridge to repay these collected monies.

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