The CEO of Binance Issues a Statement to Users Regarding the Recent Cryptocurrency Industry Hack

Changpeng ‘CZ’ Zhao, CEO of the prominent cryptocurrency exchange Binance, went to Twitter to warn about the newest attack type targeting the crypto, which was carried out by “the threat actor with extensive understanding of the cryptocurrency business.”

Tuesday, CZ said, “Do not download files.” Users may get a file from a buddy, but that friend may have already been hacked, he said. This individual may distribute a “weaponized Excel file” with the filename “exchange fee comparison.xls” that includes malicious code and other threats aimed towards crypto funds.

CZ referred to a Tuesday blog article by Microsoft Security Threat Intelligence that addresses “specific assaults against the crypto business.”

Given the expansion of the cryptocurrency market over the last few years, the blog post said that it has not only garnered the interest of investors, but also of threat actors who actively target businesses within the crypto sector for financial gain.

They discovered that, As attackers strive to get cryptocurrency assets, attacks on this market have taken numerous forms, including fraud, vulnerability exploitation, fraudulent apps, and the use of information stealers.

According to the paper, fresh strategies are also being developed, one of which was deployed by a threat actor classified as DEV-0139 (a designation as a temporary name given to an unknown cluster of threat activity until they are identified and named).

DEV-0139 entered Telegram discussion groups in an effort to target cryptocurrency investment firms. They encouraged contact between VIP customers and cryptocurrency exchanges before identifying their target within the membership.

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