The best way to earn with MintMe

Cryptocurrencies went from being a simple fantasy to a reality around the world. With the great growth they have had, they have managed to change the economy in a drastic way since many countries have taken this modality as a form of payment. 

Not only because cryptocurrencies are useful in themselves but because of the technology that makes them exist. The blockchain emerged to bring not only a new economic and financial system but to change our perspective about information storage, reliability and immediacy for multiple types of transactions and digital contracts. 

This ecosystem in which cryptocurrencies are built allow us to make and receive payments in a freer and safer way, but also offering the opportunity to increase our earnings. As time goes by, many companies have been looking for ways to continue to innovate in this world and provide features that encourage mutual economic growth.


But is it possible to have mutual economic growth?

This is where MintMe comes in, a new exchange system that allows users to not only make and send payments but also earn through every contribution they make. This platform allows users to create a token on their own, for the purpose they prefer, either to promote their content or just dabble in the world of cryptocurrencies.

With this process the possibilities are endless, since the moment a user creates their token they have complete freedom to promote it and use it according to their goals and expectations in the market.

How does mutual support work?

The reason why MintMe is a platform created to provide mutual gain, is because for each contribution that a created token receives, a percentage of its success can be given to the person who supported it when its price increases. This is possible because token holders can trade back and sell the tokens they brought to receive profit as if it were an investment. This is what we call a win-win situation for token creators and supporters.

Likewise, MintMe seeks to create a social network in which the owners of the tokens and the people who support them can interact in a direct and simple way, allowing them to create a closer bond, giving them more confidence between the creator and his audience. Unlike other token creation platforms, on creators can not only build a cryptocurrency but also upload content, interact with their followers and collaborators, receive proposals and votes from their community and other creators, and more. 

In conclusion, MintMe is a platform that allows you to interact, create, promote in a free and extremely simple way but at the same time it is a place where you can earn just by supporting.