The UK Regulator’s Temporary Crypto Registration List Has Been Reduced to Five Firms

CEX.I0, Copper Technologies, GlobalBlock, Revolut, and Moneybrain continue to be on the list of temporary registrations.

Only five cryptocurrency exchanges remain on the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) temporary registration (TRR) list, which allows them to continue trading while their applications are reviewed by the United Kingdom’s financial services regulator.

According to a new document posted on the FCA website on Thursday, CEX.I0, Copper Technologies, GlobalBlock, Revolut, and Moneybrain are on the TRR.

The FCA established the TRR to enable digital asset businesses to continue operating while their applications for full authorization were pending.

Being on the list does not imply that they have been deemed “fit and appropriate,” the FCA said on its website.

By March 30, a dozen enterprises had taken up residence on the TRR, and the deadline for the majority of firms to stay was April 1. For “a limited number of companies,” the FCA extended that deadline.

“This is important in cases when a business is appealing or has unique winding-down circumstances,” it said at the time.

On Thursday, ITI Digital Limited was approved as a crypto asset trading business, raising the total number of fully registered crypto enterprises to 34. This was the first time since Feb. 25 that permission had been granted.

The regulator said Thursday that it will hire 80 more personnel to assist it in cracking down on any issue enterprises under its jurisdiction.

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