Rich Dad Poor Dad author talks about the most undervalued asset

Robert Kiyosaki, a best-selling author, claims that one asset is trading considerably below its actual value — and he’s not referring to his favorite cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (BTC).

Rich Dad Poor Dad’s author tweets to his 2.3 million followers that investors are not paying enough attention to silver.

Kiyosaki confirms with Miles Franklin’s president, Andy Schectman, that silver is the most undervalued asset in a generation.

Kiyosaki, a veteran investor in gold and silver, also warns his followers that a worldwide financial disaster may be imminent.

According to the renowned author, the United States can experience circumstances comparable to the Great Depression of the 1930s.

“Please. The global economy is close to collapse. What about bank runs? Savings frozen? What’s next? I do not get profit when you purchase Genuine silver coins. I only want you to be ready for what is ahead. A genuine silver coin costs around $25. Please take carefully.”

Moreover, he believes that typical investing strategies would likely not be sufficient to shield individuals from the projected financial collapse.

“I’ve been warning for years that saving money and investing in a diverse portfolio of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds is unsafe advice. Today, it remains very unsafe advice. While prices may fluctuate, I continue to feel that gold, silver, and Bitcoin are ideal for volatile times. Be careful!”

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