BNB Chain’s hackathon champion accused Binance of stealing his concept for AI-powered NFTs

Chatcasso won the BNB Chain hackathon for their AI-powered NFT generation tool.

Binance has been accused of “blatantly” imitating the winner of the BNB Chain hackathon by unveiling Bicasso, an artificial intelligence-powered nonfungible token (NFT) generation tool. Two months after granting Chatcasso the grand prize during a BNB Chain hackathon held in Seoul on December 17–20, 2022, Binance reportedly stole a tool produced by Chatcasso.

On March 1, the CEO of Binance, Changpeng “CZ” Zhao, announced the debut of Bicasso, an artificial intelligence (AI) platform that can “transform your creative concepts into NFTs using AI.” Nevertheless, forum member “ggoma” claims that Binance plagiarized and advertised the Chatcasso concept as its own.

Binance, on the other hand, denied the plagiarism allegations. A Binance spokesman told Cointelegraph that Bicasso is an experimental project established by a small team at Binance as a test and that NFTs and AI are common ideas being developed by many industry participants.

Chatcasso received $5,000 in Binance USD as the winner of the BNB Chain hackathon for developing an AI-powered tool for producing NFTs.

Yet, ggoma was surprised to see Binance develop a comparable platform within two months, stating: “A large organization like Binance replicating everything, even the name? Not only is it immoral, but it also confuses consumers. The names are so similar that it is difficult to distinguish between them.”

In addition, ggoma provided images of the two projects to demonstrate the user interface and functional similarities.

In addition, Binance and BNB Chain work independently, and Binance’s development staff does not participate in BNB Chain hackathons, according to the spokesman.

Binance emphasized to Cointelegraph that the Bicasso moniker was inspired by the OpenAI tool “Dall-E,” a reference to Salvador Dali, adding, “our team appreciated this notion.”

ggoma is now hesitant to participate in future hackathons, since he questions if a market leader will rebrand new ideas in the future. “We hope that Binance recognizes the significance of their acts and takes efforts to correct their wrongdoings,” ggoma wrote, warning builders that “there are corporations out there that will attempt to exploit your hard work.”

Bicasso immediately succeeded with NFT investors, as the AI-powered NFT generator produced 10,000 mints within 2.5 hours.

Recently, CZ notified investors that a manipulated picture containing false information was spreading on WeChat, a Chinese social media network.

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