Subway supports Bitcoin, so consumers may order on the Lightning Network

Subway, the biggest franchise in the world is testing the Lightning Network layer-2 Bitcoin payments system in Berlin, Germany, with good results.

In Berlin, the capital of Germany, the world’s biggest chain by a number of restaurants is testing Bitcoin payments at three locations. In Moscow, Russia, Subway initially tested using Bitcoin over 13 years ago.

Daniel Hinze, the Berlin Subway franchise owner has logged over 120 Bitcoin transactions over the previous several months. Hinze highlighted in an interview with Cointelegraph his intention to “help Bitcoin become money.”

Despite the efforts of merchants, retailers, and even Lightning-enabled conferences, Bitcoin is not a widely used form of currency in Europe. Hinze has incentivized Bitcoin transactions by providing a 10% discount on all footlongs, meatball marinaras, and sucookies purchased using Bitcoin.

Subway purchases boosted German-language social media as the hashtag #usingBitcoin took hold. Hinze teamed with Lipa, a Bitcoin firm located in Switzerland, to develop a simple point-of-sale system.

The objective of Lipa, according to its CEO Bastien Feder is to make Bitcoin “essentially tempting to use since Bitcoin is cash.” Lipa outfitted the Subways with merchant devices that enable users to rapidly scan a Lightning-enabled QR code, enabling quick, seamless, and inexpensive payments.

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