XRP is the third-largest asset on Canada’s major crypto exchange

As part of the practice of disclosing proof of reserves, the crypto analytics site Nansen disclosed data from cryptocurrency exchanges. As of that time, 16.67% of Coinsquare, a prominent Canadian cryptocurrency exchange is held in XRP.

Coinsquare’s XRP reserves are 52.6 million tokens with an equivalent value of $20.8 million, ranking third after BTC and ETH. The entire reserves of Coinsquare amount to $124.7 million.

The fact that XRP is the third biggest asset in the reserves of Norway’s largest CeDeFi crypto broker, Firi, was also an intriguing discovery. XRP accounts for 18.02% of the company’s $76.5 million in reserves, according to the same Nansen statistics. This portion corresponds to 35 million tokens with a total value of $13.8 million.

In light of the dispute between the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and Ripple over the validity of XRP, the similarity between the two controlled venues is pretty hilarious.

In addition to having XRP as their third biggest asset, both Coinsquare and FIRI are licensed in their respective nations. According to their respective websites, FIRI is licensed by the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway and Coinsquare is the first IIROC-regulated crypto marketplace in Canada.

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