C. Hoskinson states that he is “sick of shouldering the blame” for the ADA’s delayed modifications

The Cardano (ADA) blockchain continues to attract attention amidst heightened development activity, as the network aims to replace established rivals like as Ethereum (ETH). However, a portion of the crypto community has criticised the network’s continuous development owing to reasons such as delays.

In this statement, Cardano creator Charles Hoskinson clarifies that he is not solely responsible for network choices. In a series of tweets published on August 19, Hoskinson said that despite the decentralised nature of the network, he is “weary of taking the responsibility” for delays.

Hoskinson criticised the controversy surrounding Cardano Node 1.35.3, which was issued before the Vasil hard fork. According to the computer scientist, it is ‘bizarre’ for a community section to assert that the update is being hurried despite the fact that countless testing has been conducted.

Hoskinson had previously claimed that the Vasil hard fork will be delayed by many weeks owing to issues, as reported by Finbold. He reassured consumers that he did not foresee any additional delays, saying that the product was in its last stages of testing.

Despite being ready, he acknowledged there is a chance the update might be delayed longer for a retest. “Of course, as a community, we may postpone the introduction of Vasil for a few months in order to retest code that has already been tested a dozen times and is already operational. Is it worth it for all the DApp developers who have awaited this upgrade for over a year?” he asked.

Vasil hard fork prepared for distribution

The revisions are consistent with Hoskinson’s recent guarantee that the smart contract blockchain upgrade is prepared for deployment.

Prior to the update, the network continues to see higher traffic. Cardano, for instance, has launched five new Plutus Scripts (a Cardano-based smart contracts platform) per day, with the number increasing from 2,927 on July 20 to 3,092 on August 18.

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