Weekly Report (28 Aug. – 03 Sep. 23) | What Happened This Week In Crypto

This Report will provide some essential and quick news about cryptocurrencies happening worldwide.

1) CZ Of Binance Concludes That Bitcoin Can Be Tracked

The conversational pot has been heated by Changpeng Zhao. He’s leveled the playing field between Bitcoin and regular cash, and his conclusion is intriguing: Bitcoin, unlike cash kept in a house safe, leaves a digital trail…[continue reading]

2) Nearly 50% Of Turks Have Crypto Wallets

According to a recent poll by cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin, cryptocurrency usage is on the increase in Turkey, a nation currently experiencing severe inflation. Adoption rates in Turkey have risen rapidly over the last year and a half, from 40% to 52% of the population…[continue reading]

3) Binance Australian Head Of State Is Optimistic About Crypto Regulation

On May 18, payments company Cuscal severed relations with the exchange owing to potential scam and fraud threats brought on by regulatory monitoring and banking constraints. Binance Australia’s General Manager, Ben Rose, stated his trust in the final judgments of Australian authorities on digital asset rules in the country…[continue reading]

4) Karnataka Police Open Internal Investigation Into How Evidence Was Handled In Bitcoin Scam

The public places a great deal of trust in law enforcement to protect them from any kind of fraud, and crypto theft is no exception. Consequently, reports on Thursday of an investigation into police officials in the Indian state of Karnataka have caused warranted alarm…[continue reading]

5) Binance Has Announced That It Will Be Delisting Several Crypto, Including IOTA And ANKR

Some trade pairings, including IOTA/BNB and ANKR/BNB, will be removed from the renowned cryptocurrency exchange Binance on September 1. Binance has posted on its blog that it will be delisting some cryptocurrencies as of September 1 and has urged its users to take appropriate action…[continue reading]