Binance has announced that it will be delisting several crypto, including IOTA and ANKR

Some trade pairings, including IOTA/BNB and ANKR/BNB, will be removed from the renowned cryptocurrency exchange Binance on September 1.

Binance has posted on its blog that it will be delisting some cryptocurrencies as of September 1 and has urged its users to take appropriate action.

Basically, trade-in ANKR/BNB, CVC/BNB, EPX/BUSD, HIVE/BNB, IOTA/BNB, KLAY/BUSD, LRC/BNB, MBL/USD, MTL/ETH, and UMA/BNB will be removed and halted on Binance as of tomorrow.

That’s why you’ll see BUSD and BNB in these sets. It’s possible that Binance USD (BUSD) will be removed from the platform as a result of the crypto exchange’s refusal to add support for Paxos’ stablecoin.

Binance recommends that users make any necessary changes to their Spot Trading Bots or remove them before the service is discontinued.

Furthermore, the cryptocurrency exchange notes that despite the removal of the aforementioned trading pairs, customers will still have access to all other pairs currently available on Binance.

The Binance announcement was released and widely disseminated yesterday. Since BNB is removing pairs for coins like IOTA and ANKR, the price of those coins over the past day provides a clear indication of whether or not this news has affected their value.

Indeed, ANKR’s value has dropped by -3.50%, to $0.019 as of this writing. Over the past 24 hours, transaction volume for the 131st largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization fell by 37.51%.

IOTA, on the other hand, saw a price increase of 1.25 percent over the previous 24 hours, and is currently trading at $0.157. The 75th largest cryptocurrency by market cap saw a drop of -54% in transaction volume.

When compared to the price movement of Bitcoin (BTC), which typically leads the broader trend, there are some discrepancies between the two cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin’s price increased to $27,938 on August 29 from $25,990 the day before, and the value of the other two cryptocurrencies also rose that day. Both IOTA and ANKR increased in value; IOTA by 45% to $0.157 and ANKR by 45% to $0.0205.

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