Karnataka Police Open Internal Investigation Into How Evidence Was Handled in Bitcoin Scam

Cottonpet police are being investigated internally for how they handled evidence in a criminal case.

The public places a great deal of trust in law enforcement to protect them from any kind of fraud, and crypto theft is no exception. Consequently, reports on Thursday of an investigation into police officials in the Indian state of Karnataka have caused warranted alarm.

The Hindustan Times claims that the Karnataka police’s Criminal Investigation Division (CID) is investigating the actions of many unidentified officials who handled evidence in a Bitcoin fraud.

According to the claim, authorities became aware of the Bitcoin fraud in the year 2020. A hacker known only as SriKi has been apprehended by law enforcement.

Several illegal acts were linked to SriKi (actual name Srikrishna Ramesh), according to police investigations. A hard disk, two MacBooks, and two flash drives were confiscated and examined by the authorities.

CID believes Central Crime Branch (CCB) personnel are involved. They were tasked with protecting the evidence, yet they may have compromised it.

One of the concerns that the prime minister of India has spoken out against this week is being investigated by another arm of Indian law enforcement in relation to a Bitcoin fraud.

Prime Minister Modi has expressed a desire for more international harmony in the area of crypto regulation and enforcement.

Modi argues that governments and nations should recognize their shared interests in cryptocurrencies just as they do in ensuring the safety and cooperation of commercial aviation.

Modi is well aware of how frustrating a lack of consensus can be. His Twitter account was hacked in December of 2021. They then shared a series of ludicrous and untrue assertions with his 73 million-plus Twitter followers. The Indian government has officially acknowledged Bitcoin as legal cash and announced plans to distribute free Bitcoin. The success of Modi’s advice to improve rules remains to be seen.

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