Musk’s Denial of X Coin rumors 

The future of DOGE was called into question when the creators of Tesla and SpaceX said “no” to X currency.

These token speculations have their roots in Twitter’s early days, before the platform was acquired by X. Those who were paying close attention to the coding at the time saw hints that the platform was planning to launch its own digital currency. These initiatives were put on hold due to the platform’s rebranding and subsequent change of ownership.

There have been ongoing discussions to adopt DOGE as X’s native currency ever since Musk assumed control. This newfound communication has rekindled these debates and opened up interesting possibilities for investigation.

Notably, Musk only addressed questions concerning the “X coin” and did not touch on any other relevant themes in his response. The issue remains, however, whether this refusal applies to all token-based X transactions or if DOGE might still be considered for this function.

Crypto enthusiasts are waiting for additional information about the future of X’s finances as they consider the ramifications of Musk’s comments. There is a lot of talk and debate going on right now about the future of DOGE and how it may work on the platform.

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