Weekly Report (19 – 25 Sep. 22) | What Happened This Week In Crypto

This Report will provide you with some essential and quick news about cryptocurrencies that happened around the world.

1) Vitalik Buterin Identifies The Two Crypto He Desires To Move To Proof-Of-Stake

Two other PoW blockchain technologies, according to the co-founder of Ethereum, may migrate to PoS in the near future. During the 2022 Mainnet blockchain event, he also discussed the Merge and provided a quick update on the next phase in Ethereum’s development…[continue reading]

2) Disney Is Employing A Transaction Attorney For Its ‘Aggressive’ NFT And DeFi Initiatives

According to a job ad on LinkedIn, The Walt Disney Company is seeking a transaction lawyer to investigate new technology prospects, including NFTs, in an “accelerated and aggressive timeframe.”[continue reading]

3) Korean Cryptocurrency Bank Collaborates With Blockdaemon To Provide Retail Staking

Delio, a cryptocurrency-focused financial firm, has collaborated with Blockdaemon to develop retail-focused staking services, providing clients with a more streamlined approach to receiving rewards on their digital asset holdings…[continue reading]

4) A New UK Bill Would Expand Crypto Enforcement Capabilities

As part of a larger effort to combat money laundering, a new anti-money laundering measure proposed in the United Kingdom today is meant to make it simpler for law enforcement to acquire digital assets…[continue reading]

5) Kraken CEO Jesse Powell Leaves, And COO Ripley Takes Over

Powell co-founded the firm with Thanh Luu in 2011 and is regarded as a pioneer in the industry. According to this release, COO Dave Ripley will follow Powell, who will assume the role of board chairman. However, Ripley will take his new position as CEO after the exchange has found a new COO…[continue reading]