Now NYC Has a Solana Experience Store

Solana Spaces, founded with the Solana Foundation’s assistance, announced the launch of the first permanent retail, educational, and communal facility devoted to Web3 in New York City on Thursday (July 28).

According to a news release, Solana Foundation “financed and helped incubate” Solana Spaces NYC. Solana Spaces, located in San Francisco, seeks to establish “a series of retail spaces that offer an immersive educational experience for those interested in the Solana blockchain and web3.” A group of retail designers and engineers also developed b8ta, an innovative and award-winning electronics shop.

Vibhu Norby, the CEO of Solana Spaces, stated: “Web3’s most active and rapidly expanding ecosystem of developers is highlighted by Solana’s enormous number of daily active users. Even with this in mind, we will continue to work until everyone has entered the space. We have teamed with some of Solana’s most notable projects and developers to offer an approachable introduction to crypto-technology. It is an experiment that we believe many people will enjoy.”

And Brandon Millman, CEO and co-founder of Phantom, stated: To assist people in learning about Web3 in a fun and engaging manner, Solana Spaces is producing an immersive experience. In-person learning and discovery are distinct. We’re excited to be Solana Spaces’ featured wallet partner and welcome more individuals to the crypto ecosystem.

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