US senators have demanded an inquiry of Prometheum from the SEC and DOJ

Republican lawmakers have increased their claims that Prometheum made false or misleading statements to the SEC about the company’s suspected links to the Chinese Community Party.

Six members of Congress have requested an investigation by the SEC and DOJ into Prometheum on allegations that the company is affiliated with the Chinese Communist Party.

At a hearing on June 13 about regulatory clarity in the crypto industry, Prometheum co-CEO Aaron Kaplan was accused of giving potentially fraudulent evidence by Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville and five members of the House of Representatives.

Tuberville and the Representatives claim that Kaplan’s congressional testimony contradicts the company’s SEC filings by implying that Prometheum was created separately from Wanxiang and HashKey.

Using the Chinese digital yuan in the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics has been met with concerns from former senator Pat Toomey and current representative for Minnesota, Tom Emmer.

Unfortunately, Cointelegraph’s request for comment from Aaron Kaplan went unanswered before publishing.

“Prometheum has severed all intellectual property and technology ties to Wanxiang,” meaning that the Chinese company and its subsidiaries no longer have access to anything that may put Americans in danger.

According to Aaron Kaplan, the company will no longer be a member of the Chamber of Digital Commerce, a crypto lobbying organisation located in the United States.

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