Eclipse has hired the former head of Uniswap and dydx

Vijay Chetty is now the Chief Business Officer of Eclipse, a web3 rollup supplier.

Eclipse, a supplier of web3 rollups, has hired Vijay Chetty in the role of Chief Business Officer. Chetty has worked as the head of business development for the teams behind decentralized exchanges Uniswap and dYdX. Chetty will assist expand Eclipse and speed up rollup acceptance throughout the crypto sector in his new job.

Chetty told The Block that he hopes to have self-service support for one-click deployments of Eclipse roll-ups up and running within his first month on the job. He plans to decentralize the Eclipse sequencer and enable other blockchain virtual machines over the next six months. Chetty plans to completely open-source Eclipse and develop and scale an ecosystem fund within his first year at the company.

Chief Executive Officer of Eclipse Neel Somani released a statement expressing his company’s elation at having hired Vijay. After successfully establishing and growing dYdX and Uniswap, Vijay faced many of the same problems that Eclipse is designed to address. This represents the maturation of our cross-ecosystem built and the incorporation of the DeFi service from Eclipse.

Eclipse offers blockchains (called “rollups”) that are scalable and adaptable, so they may be adapted to the demands of a certain project (like DeFi or gaming). Rollups are implemented on top of a Layer 1 blockchain, like Ethereum, to expedite the processing of transactions.

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