US assists Malta in unlocking the phone of an alleged abductor and crypto-scammer

US federal authorities are assisting Maltese police in developing a case against businessman Luke Milton, who is accused of stealing cryptocurrency worth up to $700,000 from a Maltese victim.

Authorities believe Milton, who is currently free on bond for unrelated kidnapping allegations, convinced a man over lunch to give over his phone so they could invest in cryptocurrency. Instead, he transferred the man’s tokens into his own wallet, according to the accusation.

Since then, Milton has been arrested. The police in Malta confiscated his phone and sent it to federal authorities in the United States so they could use their expertise and technical device to access the wallet. This is not the first time that the United States has aided the island nation in police investigations; the assassination of Daphne Galizia also required their technical expertise.

Christian Borg is well-known in Maltese media due to his business transactions with the current prime minister, Robert Abela. Milton has close ties with Borg. Milton represented No Deposit Cars, a vehicle leasing and sale company owned by Borg, and he himself owns several car leasing companies.

Prior to becoming prime minister, Abela purchased a plot of land that received development permits for an apartment complex under the name of Borg, while Abela still owned the land. He ultimately sold it to Borg for a profit of €45,000 ($50,000).

Additionally, the Maltese administration and the Labour Party have been accused of protecting Borg and his business associates. Joseph Camenzuli was appointed director of No Deposit Cars when Borg resigned from the position due to current legal issues. Recently, the courts denied a government-awarded contract to No Deposit Cars to transport the judiciary.

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