A recent survey found that 84% of Americans want presidential contenders to protect people’s access to Bitcoin

As the 2024 United States presidential election draws closer, politicians are delving further into the cryptocurrency issue and outlining their strategies for dealing with the industry in the future.

Voters may want to know where their chosen presidential candidate stands on Bitcoin (BTC) and other digital assets before casting their ballots since these topics are likely to be high on the agenda this election cycle.

In light of this, on May 27 MicroStrategy’s executive chairman Michael Saylor commissioned a Twitter survey to find out whether or not people think a presidential candidate has to defend their right to Bitcoin in order to win their vote.

The results of the survey may be seen as evidence of the public’s desire for leaders who advocate for and facilitate the use of Bitcoin in governmental and economic settings.

Some presidential contenders from both parties have shown interest in fostering the crypto industry if they are elected, and this has fueled a renewed focus on the topic of crypto regulation. For instance, Republican presidential contender and current Florida governor Ron DeSantis recently participated in a Twitter Space with Tesla CEO Elon Musk, where crypto was a topic of discussion.

During their conversation, DeSantis was critical of Vice President Joe Biden’s stance on Bitcoin, saying, “they’ll probably end up killing it” in reference to the current regulatory crackdown.

Notably, several regulatory suggestions for cryptocurrencies are now being formulated in the United States, while no definite law has been adopted as of yet. Governor DeSantis made it clear that he is committed to ensuring Bitcoin’s continued viability by blocking any anti-Bitcoin legislation in Congress.

Robert F. Kennedy, a Democrat running for president, has pledged to protect citizens’ legal right to own Bitcoin.

Not only are regulatory strategies being discussed, but cryptocurrencies are also being used to fund political campaigns. Both Democratic candidate John F. Kennedy and his Republican opponent Vivek Ramaswamy have stated that they would accept Bitcoin contributions for the upcoming 2024 election.

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