The United Kingdom looked at alternative crypto

Officials told Reuters that they are looking at Worldcoin as part of their investigation.

In spite of the fact that yesterday’s launch of Worldcoin and the associated stock exchange listings brought the cryptocurrency to the attention of crypto enthusiasts, nations are concerned about the project’s operational framework.

Even though it is notable that Worldcoin is open to everyone other than inhabitants of the United States, there has been no listing news from exchanges in the United States.

While the initiative avoided breaking any laws or regulations in the United States, reports of inquiries coming from other nations started to emerge.

The data regulator in the United Kingdom has announced that it is conducting an investigation into the Worldcoin project. This initiative involves the scanning and registration of people’s irises in return for digital IDs and free cryptocurrency.

In statements made to Reuters, authorities confirmed that they were looking into the Worldcoin initiative and that they were aware of the debut of the cryptocurrency in the United Kingdom.

Concerns about individuals’ right to privacy and safety arose as a result of the project’s use of their biometric data. As of the moment that our story was published, the price of Worldcoin was $2.01.

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