The XRP Ledger and Ducati Will Release an Epic Free Web3 Collection Tomorrow

With the announcement of a new digital collectables program developed in tandem with the XRP Ledger, Ducati has officially entered the Web3 sphere.

Through this innovative project, the renowned motorcycle maker hopes to give fans a new understanding of the company’s past, present, and future.

Ducati’s goal is to attract customers all around the world by combining its rich history with cutting-edge digital technology and offering them something they won’t find anywhere else. Motorcycle lovers, race fans, and IT nerds will all find something of interest in this program, as it provides a platform for interaction with the company and introduction to its fan base.

Digital treasures that tell the story of the Ducati brand are at the heart of this exciting new venture. The XRP Ledger, a distributed and energy-efficient Layer 1 blockchain supported by a worldwide developer community, will serve as the platform for these limited-edition collections.

Ducati will thank its customers and fans with a film montage showcasing the company’s insignia from 1946 to the present.

Tomorrow, July 26, the first ever free digital collectable will be made available. In order to get this special token and receive access to future releases, interested parties are urged to register on a special site within seven days. Those who join after August 2 will be able to take part in future limited-edition digital collectables from Ducati.

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