Formula 1 NFTs paired with the FTX Crypto Platform and the real-world F1 racing car

It’s just a matter of time until the Miami Grand Prix has F1 Ethereum NFTs. In conjunction with F1 Team Mercedes, FTX is releasing an NFT powerhouse that can be played in both free-to-claim and premium action modes

As part of their partnership with FTX, Mercedes-AMG Petronas and the FTX crypto platform have announced the distribution of rare and chosen NFT collectables for the Miami Grand Prix and other racing events this year.

This year, FTX and F1 fans are eagerly awaiting the great introduction of 1,000 limited edition stubs for those who want to attend the Miami Grand Prix as well as other races where NFT will be introduced this year.

2,500 complimentary NFT ticket stubs will be given out at other adrenaline-pumping events. A unique design will be featured on each free stub souvenir for the enjoyment of the game’s many viewers. Additional NFT usage for stub holders is also in the works.

Mad Dog Jones has crafted ten one-of-a-kind F1 NFTs for his fans

FTX and the F1 crew have also teamed up with renowned artist Mad Dog Jones, who will release over ten limited edition Ethereum NFT artworks for sale as part of these racing events.

The rear wing endplates from the Mercedes cars piloted by daredevils George Russell and Lewis Hamilton are included in two of Mad Dog Jones’ NFT artworks.

For FTX VP of Partnerships Lou Frangella, the idea is to bring Formula One, art, and culture together at the F1 Ethereum NFT launch in Miami.

They’re desperate to make it big in Miami, and this one-of-a-kind team is sure to do the trick. May 6 is the start date for the NFT auction.

Beginning with the start of Miami GP practise on May 6, bidding for the F1 NFT event will be available. As a result, the auctions will continue until May 13.

For those who want to have a closer look at the artworks after witnessing them in action on the track, FTX and F1 are putting together a real NFT exhibition.

F1’s NFT sale will benefit Ignite, a motorsport inclusion and diversity programme co-founded with F1 Hamilton’s Mission44 Foundation in addition to the glamour and glamour of the NFT event.

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