$DOGE Is ‘Significantly Better’ Than $BTC, According to Roger Ver

Known as “Bitcoin Jesus” at the time, Roger Ver, an early Bitcoin user and supporter, has praised the meme-inspired cryptocurrency Dogecoin ($DOGE) as “much better” than BTC itself.

According to Bloomberg, the Founder of Bitcoin.com himself, Ver noted in an interview that the currency’s minimal fees and lightning-fast transaction speeds are among the reasons he likes it so much. Ver is said to have said:

Dogecoin is much superior to Bitcoin in terms of both cost and reliability. Doge, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash are my top three picks for the world’s most popular cryptocurrencies.

At the time of the August 2017 Bitcoin fork, when the network split in two, Ver was a notable backer of Bitcoin Cash ($BCH). At the time, Bitcoin Cash inherited the transaction history of Bitcoin, but also considerably increased the block size to handle more transactions.

The CEO also expressed his support for Elon Musk’s recent Twitter takeover during the conversation. CEO Elon Musk, famed for Tesla and SpaceX projects, has suggested that his business may begin accepting payments in DOGE, the meme-inspired digital currency.

When it comes to purchasing individual items, Tesla has already begun taking DOGE payments on its website. A cup costs 205 DOGE, while a “cyberwhistle” costs 420 DOGE, among other products, at the time of this writing.

He is “grateful that Musk is out there talking against censorship” and believes that Musk’s takeover of Twitter will make it more “attractive.” For the record, Ver has maintained for years that censorship on the r/Bitcoin subreddit affected the scaling discussion prior to the hard fork in 2017.

He continues to campaign for Bitcoin Cash on social media and assist retailers to accept it, while also highlighting some of the most important aspects of crypto.

Shortly after it was announced that Twitter had accepted Musk’s purchase offer, Dogecoin’s whale transactions skyrocketed to almost a 4-month high of 2,400 transactions.

“I’m absolutely a cryptocurrency whale still,” Ver said in an interview. “I’ve never been a BTC or a BCH maximalist, and I carry a broad assortment of cryptocurrencies in my wallet.”

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