Charles Hoskinson Dismisses Criticism, Stating that the 1.35.3 Code Was Tested for Months

Hoskinson argues that the V1.35.3 code has been exhaustively tested and that retesting it would be detrimental to DApps developers.

Charles Hoskinson, a co-founder of Cardano, has reacted to opponents’ claims that the Vasil hard fork is being hurried after a significant problem was discovered in version 1.35.2, which was intended for the upgrade.

Hoskinson said that everyone, including the network’s stake pool operators (SPOs), had tested the code extensively for months. The vulnerability in version 1.35.2 was fixed in version 1.35.3, issued earlier this week after the flaw was discovered.

Hoskinson noted that the Cardano community might choose to delay the launch of Vasil for a few months and retest the code, which has been tested “a dozen times” before. However, he claimed that retesting the code would not assist DApps developers who have waited over a year for the change.

Some disappointed Cardano supporters immediately responded to Hoskinson. One user noted that Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK), the blockchain research and engineering corporation that created Cardano, has been silent about the “catastrophic death” in 1.35.2, and SPOs are being asked to upgrade out of the blue.

Hoskinson responded by saying that the business was not silent about the matter. He emphasised that the reason for 1.35.3 was the problem discovered on the testnet and that respinning another testnet does not give any benefit for the vulnerability. Instead, it would just result in needless delays that will be detrimental to DApp developers.

When Will Vasil be Available?

The Vasil hard fork is a widely anticipated network update that aims to improve Cardano’s scalability and usability while making the blockchain more appealing for smart contracts and decentralised apps.

The update was initially scheduled to go live earlier this year but was repeatedly delayed owing to vulnerabilities and other problems. Uncertainty remains on when Vasil will be implemented. Given that Cardano is a decentralised blockchain, Hoskinson highlighted that the nodes operating the network would ultimately determine when to launch the hard fork, not him.

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