The Shiba Inu Performs a Hard Reset on the Shibarium Testnet Blockchain Explorer

The ‘puppynet’ testnet on-chain explorer developed by Shiba Inus is restarted—members of the SHIB community tweet about the outcomes of tests.

To update the active community, known as the SHIB Army, on the updates to the Shibarium Beta blockchain explorer, LucieSHIB, a key member of the SHIB Token marketing team, turned to Twitter.

This blockchain data analyzer tracked all of the testnet transactions and wallet addresses for $tBONE, a currency created for the sole purpose of Shibarium’s Layer-2 testing.

Understand what the Shibarium mainnet can deliver thanks to the three months of data collected since the testnet’s introduction. Shibarium’s code was put through its paces throughout the testing phase, and its performance was highlighted in four ways:

Shibarium L2’s potential to reduce the average block time—currently at five seconds—could significantly increase transaction throughput on the decentralized network. With over 21 million transactions processed in just a few short months on the testnet, Shibarium Public Beta has shown its scalability in the face of heavy demand.

During the testing period, the ‘Puppynet’ testnet attracted 16.9 million registered users, many of whom hoped to stake or delegate $BONE from their wallet addresses.

To sum up, Shibarium’s mainnet is the focus of Shiba Inu’s online communities. The highly anticipated Layer-2 project is scheduled for release in the third quarter of 2023, as previously stated by the development team.

Efforts to complete Shibarium’s public release are now ongoing. Meanwhile, principal developer Shytoshi Kusama was surprised at the Shibacals office in early June.

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