Cardano adds around 2,400 wallets every day

Cardano (ADA) has shown consistent growth in adoption during June, even though the cryptocurrency space as a whole has had some difficulties recently due to corporate bankruptcies and litigation filed by authorities.

Finbold got this information from Cardano Blockchain Insights on June 21, and it shows that since June 1, 2023, an average of 2,446 new crypto wallets have been added to the Cardano network per day, increasing the total number of Cardano holding addresses to 4,161,225.

With a total of 3,842,647 on January 1, 2023, the Cardano network grew by 48,924 in June, for a total of 318,578 (up +8.29%) new cryptocurrency wallets created since the turn of the year.

On June 10, 3,979 new ADA wallets were added to the network, making that day the most successful this month. On June 18, 1,498 new wallets were added, making that day the least successful this month.

As of this writing, the price of ADA has risen to $0.28, a gain of 8.33% on the day and 1.09% on the weekly chart, reflecting the overall positive feeling throughout the cryptocurrency market and efforts to recover from a monthly loss of 24.08%.

Meanwhile, the newest Cardano Node 8.1.1 version has gone live on the mainnet, bringing software fixes for minor bugs to decrease epoch transitions and enhance blockchain speed for its users. This might lead to an even more significant uptick in acceptance.

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