A massive cryptocurrency trading floor is being proposed as part of a $3 billion New York casino project

A seasoned asset manager headquartered in Las Vegas and a Japanese gaming juggernaut are exploring a multibillion-dollar casino in New York’s iconic Manhattan skyline that would incorporate cryptocurrency trading and a landing pad for flying vehicles.

According to an Insider report, a proposal for the casino would be filed to the local gaming authority by Friday, January 7. Along with the world’s biggest cryptocurrency trading floor, they want to construct an esports stadium and a venue for events such as New York Fashion Week, the US Open, and Fleet Week.

“The idea is to have a distinct, but complete, approach to entertainment that extends beyond casino gaming and incorporates some very amazing components,” former Las Vegas Sands board member Jason Ader said in a December interview.

The casino’s name, “Mirai,” is taken from the Japanese word for “future,” and current estimates indicate that the project will cost at least $3 billion; however, the precise cost will vary depending on the location, which has not yet been established.

UE Resorts International is a subsidiary of Universal Entertainment Corporation, a provider of gaming technology located in Japan. It is collaborating with Jason Ader and others.

While UE Resorts and Ader wish to locate the casino in Manhattan, local authorities have already voiced objections to the idea of a casino in the borough. Long Island and the surrounding counties are also being considered as possible destinations.

26 Capital Acquisition Corp, Ader’s blank-check firm, will merge with a Universal-controlled casino resort in the Philippines.

In the future, UE Resorts aims to list its common stock on the Nasdaq. According to the company, the proposed casino in New York City will likely be the corporation’s only endeavour in the United States.

Cryptocurrency at a casino may face more restrictions.

The Securities and Exchange Commission’s chairman, Gary Gensler, has previously likened the bitcoin sector to Wild West casinos.

Many members of the Reddit community expressed joy at the news, while others were less enthused. “If you want to regulate crypto into extinction, put it on the casino floor,” one Redditor said.

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