The French Authority Has Said, “We Welcoming U.S. Crypto Companies That Are Leaving”

French Financial Markets Authority officials have estimated that once the recently agreed upon MiCA EU crypto law takes effect, the country might see the registration of about 100 new enterprises.

France has opened its arms to cryptocurrency firms that are looking to escape the legal uncertainties in the United States, with authorities there pointing to the country’s “relatively predictable” regulatory structure.

As of Tuesday morning, ministers in the European Union have legally signed off on regulations for their markets in crypto assets, which may lead to an increase in the number of registered crypto enterprises in the country from the current 74 to as many as 100.

It goes without saying that American players are welcome to take advantage of the French system in the near future and the European arrangements in the early years of 2025.

In France, it seems that legal clarity has just lately been attained. In January, legal experts expressed concern that the national Senate’s planned revisions to existing legislation may stifle innovation.

French politicians are currently debating which forms of cryptocurrency social media influencers should be allowed to promote, so there are still some ambiguities. Juvigny said that the AMF would release a report with some recommendations in the coming weeks while the EU continues to deliberate on how to regulate financial services that have no central organisation.

In stark contrast to developments across the Atlantic, the legal system here is basically set in stone. Bittrex and Coinbase, among others, have left or threatened to leave the U.S. in recent weeks, blaming the ambiguous legal climate brought on by aggressive regulatory enforcement and the lack of hope for crypto legislation in Washington.

Seventy-four businesses, including Binance and Bitstamp, have been given registration after providing evidence of basic governance and anti-money-laundering compliance. Companies who have the means to do so are free to pursue a licence but as of yet, no such entity exists.

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