Officials from the Stock Exchange Have Issued a Statement About Data Stolen from FTX Users

Some user data was stolen as a result of a cybersecurity breach that occurred at Kroll, which represented FTX in its bankruptcy.

Some customer data may have been stolen as a consequence of a cybersecurity breach that occurred at Kroll, which was the bankruptcy claims agent for the crypto exchange that went bankrupt.

This event touched BlockFi as well, which is another crypto company that has since gone out of business, raising questions about the safety of the plaintiff’s information.

In light of this new information, FTX has issued a statement in X to provide its customers with an update on the situation.

Kroll did notify people who were impacted and provided advice on preventive measures; however, he emphasized that the passwords for FTX user accounts were not controlled by Kroll and that FTX’s own systems were not compromised.

However, FTX emphasized that rights holders should be on the lookout for possible fraud and fraudulent activities. Phishing communications that impersonate persons associated with bankruptcy proceedings are a particular concern.

According to the opinions of industry professionals, notably incoming mail should not be respected, and a wallet connection should never be made to the websites that are being redirected.

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