The Co-Founder of Dogecoin Explains What Must Happen to Increase $DOGE Adoption

Dogecoin ($DOGE), a famous meme-based meme coin, is trying to expand its popularity and acceptance via a strategy articulated by one of the coin’s two original developers.

Billy Markus, who co-founded Dogecoin with Jackson Palmer in 2013, recently informed the altcoin’s devoted community of a strategy to increase adoption. Markus emphasised that advocates of $DOGE should seek to get businesses to accept Dogecoin as a means of payment, hence boosting Dogecoin’s usage and attractiveness.

Markus advised community members to “be calm” while approaching businesses about accepting $DOGE, observing that few people appreciate listening to jerks. He also advocated teaching companies on the advantages of Dogecoin acceptance, emphasising the community’s enthusiasm and big number of supporters.

The tweet’s answers focused on the community’s need to be more nice and caring, rather than being jerks.

Markus also addressed the fear that some firms will utilise $DOGE just to create headlines and engagement in the near term, without genuinely assisting in the coin’s adoption. Markus said that such a circumstance nevertheless resulted in $DOGE participation, which is ultimately beneficial to the community.

Markus’s remarks come only one day after Tesla CEO Elon Musk openly claimed that he would eat a happy meal on television if McDonald’s agreed to take Dogecoin.

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