The Founder of Dogecoin Slams Those Internally Sabotage Doge

Billy Markus, a cofounder of Dogecoin who has since left the project but remains an active part of the community, has created a thread slamming a number of Doge community members for allegedly attempting to “poison and undermine” Doge.

Markus sometimes directs harsh criticism at a segment of the Dogecoin community that, in his perspective, is attempting to destabilise DOGE from within. The last time, Doge supporters argued and criticised other crypto groups, as well as Doge supporters who are pro-NFT or who own both Doge and other cryptos. Several of these “critics” often criticise the famous Robinhood trading business, which trades Doge in addition to other cryptocurrencies and equities.

Billy Markus noted today in his tweet the “entitled and arrogant” Dogecoin community members. According to Markus, these individuals (he did not identify them) are turning bitcoin labour into “a lot of responsibility and stress,” which “causes employees to resign.”

The individuals he refers to are those who begin criticising developers when they attempt to enhance Dogecoin by making improvements.

Working on a cryptocurrency is a waste of time. It entails a great deal of responsibility and stress. What is not helpful is a self-righteous, arrogant community. This amplifies the sucking. This will cause the employees to resign.

Billy proposes that these backseat drivers either assist others in improving the current state of affairs or go and establish their own society.

That is not me; all I do for dogecoin is encourage folks to quit being stupid. It is the buffoons who insult those who are genuinely doing anything.

The Doge founders even joked furiously that these individuals may be hired by another group to pose as fans of Dogecoin while attempting to “poison and undermine it.”

Markus sought a three-month unpaid vacation on Friday, according to U.Today, in order to “learn more about coding crypto things.” When questioned by a follower whether he intends to establish a “dogecoin 2.0,” he said that he has no intentions to return to Dogecoin development or to launch a new cryptocurrency.

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