Spotify experiments with NFT galleries on artist profiles

According to feedback from users, the site is looking at ways to “enhance artists’ and fans’ experiences.”

Non-fungible token (NFT) galleries are apparently being tested by Spotify on artists’ profiles. The integration of NFTs would benefit artists and fans alike if the experiments prove to be a success.

On Friday, reports circulated that Spotify is conducting a test for a restricted group of Android users in the US. Those users get access to the artists’ NFT previews. The Wombats and DJ and producer Steve Aoki are the only two acts now known for their use of NFTs.

Once a user has read the NFT’s description and seen its larger preview, he or she may tap and be sent to the OpenSea website where he or she can purchase it. According to sources, Spotify does not support movies or GIF files, presenting simply a static picture without any audio.

While some testing will lead to “broader experiences,” others “serve solely as an essential lesson,” the business’s spokesman said to the media, according to a statement from the company. According to certain Spotify customers, the streaming service has been sending them an NFT-related survey.

NFT sales are not being reduced by Spotify during the trial, according to Music Ally. It was too late for Cointelegraph to get a reaction from the corporation.

When international touring is hampered by COVID-19, musicians are researching the NFT market, which might be a critical source of money. After Mike Shinoda became the first major-label artist to release an NFT single in 2021, Kings of Leon released their whole album as an NFT in 2022. According to Rolling Stone, Steve Aoki earned close to $3 million by minting only two NFT pieces out of the collection’s 11 pieces.

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