BeNFT: The education revolution powered by blockchain, NFTs and collaboration

BeNFT Foundation announces a strategic partnership with B1G1 and UNSDG to further its global initiative to empower the disadvantaged and support causes such as poverty eradication, health and wellness, quality education and reducing inequalities. This unprecedented partnership between BeNFT, B1G1 and UNSDG aims to use blockchain technology and artificial intelligence (AI) to drive meaningful change in society and create positive impact globally.

BeNFT: Transforming personalized learning and profitability

BeNFT is a cutting-edge platform that combines the power of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence to deliver personalized learning and earning experiences. This platform is revolutionizing the educational landscape by providing a wide range of resources and tools across multiple disciplines, all facilitated by its unique technology, Learn AI.

At the heart of the platform is the Learn engine, a unique feature that provides an immersive educational environment for students to collaborate and learn. However, BeNFT goes beyond traditional online learning by integrating decentralized finance (DeFi) features such as evolving NFTs, NFEs and SBTs (soul-linked token certificates) as certificates, exclusive NFT collections in the BeNFT DeFi store and a non-profit organization that champions community-driven causes.

Partnership with B1G1 and UNSDG: A step towards a sustainable future

The strategic partnership between BeNFT, B1G1 and UNSDG represents a significant milestone in the search for innovative solutions to the most pressing social and global challenges. By joining forces, these organizations are committed to promoting inclusion and sustainable development by supporting projects that seek to eradicate poverty, improve health and well-being, provide quality education and reduce inequalities.

B1G1 (Buy1GIVE1) is a global organization that aims to integrate social impact into the daily activities of companies and individuals. Through its platform, B1G1 facilitates donations to social development projects around the world, creating a positive and lasting impact on disadvantaged communities.

On the other hand, UNSDG (United Nations Sustainable Development Goals) is a United Nations initiative that seeks to address the most pressing global challenges, such as poverty, hunger, gender equality, quality education, health and well-being, among others. By joining this partnership, BeNFT is committed to aligning its approach with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) established by the UN.

Driving change through blockchain technology and AI.

The integration of blockchain technology and AI plays a key role in BeNFT’s ecosystem. This combination enables the creation of innovative and transparent solutions to address social and global challenges. Thanks to blockchain technology, BeNFT ensures the security, traceability and authenticity of digital assets, such as NFTs, used on its platform. In addition, artificial intelligence powers BeNFT’s learning engine, offering users personalized and adaptive experiences that maximize their learning potential.

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