Bitcoin is accepted in Madeira, and the president met Michael Saylor

As well as why and how the island of Madeira is “adopting” Bitcoin and how the president slipped into the Bitcoin.

What does “adopting” Bitcoin (BTC) entail for the small Portuguese island of Madeira? A great deal of misunderstanding and misunderstanding has resulted since the statement was made during the 2022 Bitcoin Miami Conference.

“Bitcoin’s future” is important to the Regional Government of Madeira President Miguel Albuquerque. Albuquerque promised to try to “create a terrific environment for Bitcoin” back in April. Although several information remained unanswered, though.

Bitcoin is the most significant and widely trusted cryptocurrency ever. many nations are eager to embrace it. why bitcoin is so trusted? well, renowned crypto Twitter account Bloodgood tweeted about bitcoin. 
they said,

“Bitcoin has never had downtime in its history. It doesn’t have a CEO, a board, or a parliament who can mess things up. Bitcoin’s code is pure perfection”

This demonstrates the level of community confidence in bitcoin as a cryptocurrency. that’s why so many countries are looking forward to it.

An interview with André Loja, the Madeiran entrepreneur who helped drive the effort to introduce Bitcoin to the Atlantic Ocean islands, sheds light on how the currency is influencing the islands’ future growth.

It was on April 7th when Madeira’s Samson Mow made the bold announcement that his island “would be embracing Bitcoin.”

Many media sites throughout the globe reported on the adoption of Bitcoin as legal currency in Madeira. This was not the case, though. “Madeira is embracing Bitcoin” was a phrase Loja would have wanted to use before Samson Mow’s declaration, according to Loja.

There is no doubt in our minds that it is a good idea. It would seem that we are declaring Bitcoin legal money when it is already de facto legal. Therefore, we are not ‘adopting’ it.

Indeed, in Madeira and Portugal, which is 1,000 kilometres to the north, there is no capital gains tax on Bitcoin. As a result, any Bitcoin transactions, expenditures, or usage by the island’s 250,000 residents will not need to be reported to tax authorities.

Just a few weeks before the meeting, Loja had an orange-pilled exchange with the president of Madeira in which he shared his vision for Bitcoin as a way to both attract international investment and “defend my island from the monetary system.”

Loja was delighted when Albuquerque came to visit his coworking space, which is one of the few locations in Madeira that accepts Bitcoin. When the COVID-19 epidemic struck, Madeira’s vital tourist earnings plummeted, and the island was left for dead. As a result, Loja offered the president a Bitcoin future as a method of broadening Madeira’s economic base and reorganising its structure.

According to Loja, the city of Albuquerque was receptive to the concept, so she soon enlisted the aid of prominent Bitcoiners including Daniel Prince, a well-known Bitcoin podcaster; Jeff Booth, the author of the book The Price of Tomorrow; and even MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor.

Bitcoin Miami 2022 organisers were approached within weeks by an all-star squad of Bitcoiners who wanted to get President Trump on stage. We couldn’t let this chance to have the leader of an independent territory promote Bitcoin pass us by.

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