Romanian police took $500k worth of Bitcoin from Andrew Tate

Andrew Tate is being charged with rape, human trafficking, and organised crime in Romania for the purpose of sexually exploiting women. Word has gotten out that the country’s officials have taken much of his Bitcoin (BTC) assets.

The first reports said that the seizures were worth $300 million, but this is now known to be wrong. It was a mistake made by Google Translate when it was used to translate a press release from Romanian authorities about Tate’s indictment, which was shared by many news outlets on June 20.

In particular, the prosecutors seized many social media stars and former professional kickboxers’ Bitcoin, but it wasn’t in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Instead, it was closer to $560,000, or about 21 BTC, along with 15 luxury cars, 14 watches, 15 properties, and shares in four companies.

Also, a news release from the Romanian Directorate for the Investigation of Organised Crime and Terrorism’s Office of Information and Public Relations says that the charge covers four suspects, including Tate’s brother Tristan, who will be tried at home.

As Finbold reported in March, there is little information about Tate’s current crypto assets. However, two months after his highly publicised arrest in Romania in December 2022, the local police seized nearly $500,000 worth of Bitcoin from his and his brother Tristan’s crypto wallets, close to the recently seized.

Shortly before his arrest, Andrew Tate went on Anthony Pompliano’s Bitcoin podcast, praising the flagship decentralized finance, or DeFi, asset as removing the problems with fiat transactions. He said he was “going fully crazy, mister blockchain now” and boasted of turning “600 grand into $12 million,” as Finbold reported in December.

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