European Union consumer investigators demand that artificial intelligence be studied

European Union (EU) watchdog organisations have recently petitioned their governments to investigate the potential dangers posed to consumers by generative AI.

European Union (EU) consumer advocacy organisations have requested that authorities look into the artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms powering today’s most popular chatbots.

The Associated Press reported on Tuesday that 13 consumer organisations expressed their worries about generative AI to their respective national consumer, data protection, competition, and product safety agencies.

Before implementing the EU’s AI rule, the organisations recommended that authorities look into AI powering systems like OpenAI’s ChatGPT to determine the extent to which consumers are in danger.

The group contacted EU authorities and US Vice President Joe Biden to express their worries that generative AI might damage consumers.

In their call to action, leaders were asked to use current laws and create new ones to address AI issues. They referred to research by the Norwegian Consumer Council that describes how AI chatbots might be used for deceptive purposes, including spreading false information, collecting personal information, or manipulating users.

These concerns follow the June 14 passage by European Union authorities of their landmark artificial intelligence act.

After separate talks on the specifics of the legislation with EU member states, the regulations are scheduled to go into force within the next two to three years.

Officials in the United States are also considering legislation to govern AI. On June 9th, new bipartisan legislation was offered to address industry transparency and innovation.

The United Kingdom’s regulators have urged artificial intelligence restrictions to be as stringent as those governing the healthcare and nuclear industries.

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